If you or your company would like to be represented on the site in any of the areas of content (articles, whitepapers, presentations, social media links etc) send it to and we will consider it for inclusion

To be featured in the day in the life films there are a 3 ways you can do this.

Send us your own finished film ready for review and uploading to the site -  FREE

Send a film you have shot for us to edit - £100

We can arrange for our film crew to visit you – Cost per film varies, please enquire

For the individual it is a chance to showcase yourself and your career; or for companies there is an opportunity to have your branding clearly shown on the films. Some companies have chosen to film in front of an exhibition pop up, which has worked well. Nothing can beat having enthusiastic people speaking about why they like working for your company.

If we do the filming, we will of course provide you with an opportunity to review and approve the films, post editing, before they are posted.

Please contact  to discuss your options or send your films based on the information below. When sending your films please indicate which job role they apply to. See here for list of roles <add link to


Each person filmed is asked the same seven questions – with a little variation for more senior roles.

  1. Who do you currently work for and what is your job role?
  2. Tell me about yourself- how and why did you end up in the security industry?
  3. What makes up your typical day?
  4. What are the best bits and worst bits of the job?
  5. Where would you advise people to go to for background research and to keep up to date with the industry?
  6. What direction do you see your career in security going?
  7. Is there any advice that you could give to someone thinking of entering the industry?

The questions being asked should be removed in the editing process and instead appear on the screen while the person is answering.


Always consider the image you want to portray and remember the video clips will be seen by a wide audience including customers and senior people within their organisations. Smart is usually the order of the day and avoid anything with small checks or lots of stripes as these may 'strobe' when filmed.

Prepare in advance what you will be talking about. Our film crew will always do more than one take, and will only move on once the interviewee is completely happy with their performance.

General points when filming: Having a quiet environment is always the key to a speedy, stress free filming event, meaning we will not have to keep doing re-takes. Noise (however low) coming from other parts of the building will be picked up by the microphones, and will be evident when watching the finished clip. It is also important to have a room that is tidy and, where possible, include company branding.