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Gov Info Security

GovInfoSecurity is a multi-media website published by Information Security Media Group, Corp. (ISMG), a company specializing in coverage of information security, risk management, privacy and fraud. Headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, ISMG provides news, opinions, education and other related content to assist senior executives and information security professionals as they navigate the increasingly challenging world of information security.

Government Security News

Government Security News serves recipients in the fields of physical, IT and homeland security.

Security Info Watch

Security Technology Executive is not focused entirely on the technical audience. It is primarily aimed at the executive level.


Computerworld ensures that senior technology — and the entire ecosystem of tech influencers and stakeholders — create and execute on business-changing strategies.


Cyber security news from the UK Government.

Journal of Cyber Security

The newly launched fully open access Journal of Cybersecurity publishes accessible articles describing original research in the inherently interdisciplinary world of computer, systems, and information security.

Security Intelligence, IBM

Savvy companies know that in today’s data-driven, highly distributed world, there are serious threats that must be addressed head-on. IBM® Security delivers an integrated system of analytics, real-time defenses and proven experts, so you can make strategic decisions about how to safeguard your business.

The Digital Transformation People

The emergence of digital technologies has empowered customers who now demand authenticity, consistency and immediacy of personalised services across multiple channels. Businesses are being disrupted, new models are emerging and organisations need to transform themselves if they are to remain viable in this new digital age. Our purpose is to provide the platform where you, the digital transformation people, come to share, learn and connect.