Professional & Academic


CREST, CREST Certified Incident Manager

The (CCIM) examination tests a candidates’ knowledge across a range of areas wider than traditional intrusion analysis including conventional incident response technical tasks and also a wide range of general technology areas to ensure they are competent to assess and handle a range of potential incident scenarios.  The detail in these areas is high level but broad with “an awareness of” being a good description of the level of detail required.


InfoSec Skills, Solution Architecture Security Practitioner

It is rare for today’s’ IT systems to have no security facilities within them. Many organisations, or projects, cannot afford to have an assigned security architect. Yet many solutions or technical architects do not have a good understanding of Information Assurance (IA). This means that many systems are being designed and built that do not mitigate many of the current and emerging threats from today’s interconnected IT world. The Solution Architecture Security Practitioner (SASP) course is targeted at Solution Architects wishing to know how to design secure systems and gain the knowledge of how to architect into a system a wide range of security controls.

InfoSec Skills, Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management

The Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management (PCIRM) course is designed to provide foundation knowledge of the terminology and principles of information risk management. It is intended for individuals from information technologies or IT security backgrounds who are embarking on information risk management responsibilities or those who already fulfil information risk management roles who wish to formalise their accumulated experience. It is equally suitable for business managers who need to gain a formal insight into information risk management in support of wider business risk decision-making.

InfoSec Skills, Practitioner Certificate in Business Continuity Management

The Practitioner Certificate in Business Continuity Management (PCiBCM) course is designed to provide a hands-on approach to all stages of the business continuity management (BCM) lifecycle from conducting a business impact analysis to the exercising of business continuity plans. Making full use of current standards (including BS 25999), students are able to make a significant contribution to the BCM process when returning to their organisation.

PGI, Executive Cyber Awareness

PGI’s Executive Cyber Awareness course allows leaders and managers of organisations to grasp the business critical issues of cyber security, enabling you to understand what needs to be done to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities and to plan investment proportionate to the risk your company faces.

PGI, Advanced Threat Methodology

The Advanced Threat Methodology course will teach you precisely how an external threat may attack your organisation, which will help you to develop strategies, system management techniques and user policies to defend your network and critical information. You will receive in-depth, hands-on training on a variety of tools for gaining access to a remote network