Day in the life

Security Intelligence Lead

  • Name: Leigh Chase
  • Company: IBM

Advice for entering and growing within the industry from Leigh Chase, Security Intelligence Operations lead for UK & Ireland at IBM

Information Assurance Architect

  • Name: Robin Fisk
  • Company: Nexor

Robin Fisk talks about his career path and future aspirations. 

Security & Privacy Consultant

  • Name: Roy Harrow
  • Company: IBM

Roy Harrow talks about his security architecture role at IBM and provides advice for people who want to enter the security industry.

Technical Consultant

  • Name: Iain Townsend
  • Company: Nexor

Iain Townsend talks about his role as a Technical Consultant at Nexor and his route into the Cyber Security industry.

Application Security Engineer

  • Name: Michael Macnair
  • Company: Thales e-Security

Michael Macnair gives us an overview of his work day and career path.