Day in the Life Films

Threat & Vulnerability Team - Penetration Tester

  • Name: Sam Kitchen
  • Company: PwC

Sam Kitchen, a Penetration Tester at PwC talks about how he got into the industry

Threat & Vulnerability Team - Penetration Tester

  • Name: Llyian Velikov
  • Company: PwC

Llyian Velikov is a Penetration Tester and talks about his role as part of the Threat and Vulnerability Management team at PwC

Threat & Vulnerability Team - Penetration Tester

  • Name: William Barlow
  • Company: PWC

William Barlow talks about the work he is involved in within the Threat and Vulnerability team at PwC

Compliance Manager & CHECK Penetration Tester

  • Name: Rob Vianello
  • Company: BT

Rob Vianello talks his two roles at BT - Security Compliance Manager and CHECK Penetration Tester

Senior Penetration Tester

  • Name: Brendan Saunders
  • Company: NCC

Brendan Saunders talks about his passion for his role as a senior infrastructure and web application tester at NCC.


  • Name: Rodrigo Marcos
  • Company: SECFORCE

Rodrigo from SecForce tells us how he became a pen tester and what drew him to the industry

Application and Infrastructure Penetration Tester

  • Name: Jan Tudor
  • Company: Context

Jan Tudor talks about his typical day at work as an Application and Infrastructure Tester

Penetration Tester

  • Name: Tim Varkalis
  • Company: PwC

Tim Varkalis, penetration tester at PWC talks about a day in his working life and provides advice for getting into the industry.

Penetration Tester

  • Name: Andy Hornegold
  • Company: Context Information Security

Andy Hornegold, Penetration Tester at Context Information Security, talks about a typical working day and gives advice for anyone who wants to get into the technical security industry.

Security Consultant

  • Name: Daniel Canon
  • Company: IRM

Daniel Cannon, security consultant talks about his penetration testing role at IRM, working on projects on his own or as a team and what a typical day at work is like