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CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester

The CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester examination is a rigorous assessment of the candidate’s ability to assess a network for flaws and vulnerabilities at the network and operating system layer.  The exam includes: Public domain information sources; Networking; Windows operating systems; Unix operating systems; Desktops; Databases; Voice networking; Wireless networking

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Cyber Scheme Team Member

Provider: IRM

This four day Penetration Testing training course and one day assessment has been created for individuals looking to enter and advance in the cyber security industry. The CSTM assessment has been reviewed by CESG, the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance in the UK, and has been accepted as meeting the technical requirements for a CHECK Team Member assault course.

The training provides delegates with an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of Penetration Testing in a real life, hands-on environment and is led by IRM’s experienced CHECK Team Leader instructors.

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