Day in the life

Director of EMEA Sales

  • Name: Mehdi Bouzoubaa
  • Company: Damballa

Mehdi Bouzoubaa, Director of EMEA Sales at Damballa talks about his role and responsibilities. Filmed at Infosecurity Europe.

Business Development Director

  • Name: Lisa Dargan
  • Company: Ultima Risk Management

 Lisa Dargan, Business Development Director at Ultima Risk Management talks about moving into Cyber Security from the  Insurance industry.

Sales & Marketing Director

  • Name: Sean Arrowsmith
  • Company: IRM

Sean Arrowsmith, Sales & Marketing Director, talks about working at IRM and provides careers advice.

Sales Director

  • Name: Sissel Thomassen
  • Company: InfoSecure

Sissel Thomassen, InfoSecure talks about security awareness and training and gives advice for people who would like a career in the industry

Sales Director

  • Name: James Selby
  • Company: Security Alliance

James Selby, sales director, Security Alliance talks about how he got started in the industry.

Commercial Director

  • Name: Tim Anderson
  • Company: Portcullis

Tim Anderson, Commercial Director, Portcullis, talks about his typical working day, the best and the worst bits and provides advice for people who want to enter the security industry