Day in the life

Chief Operating Officer

  • Name: Patricia Shields,
  • Company: IRM

Patricia Shields, Chief Operating Officer at IRM talks about her typical working day.

Security Consultant & InfoSec Skills Faculty

  • Name: John Hughes
  • Company: SecID

John Hughes, Security Consultant and InfoSec Skills faculty member talks about his career path in the information security industry and provides advice.


  • Name: Neil Hare-Brown
  • Company: Blackthorn Technogies

Neil Hare-Brown, CEO, Blackthorn Technogies, talks about a typical working day and provides advice to people looking for a career in digital forensics


  • Name: Peter Wood
  • Company: First Base Technologies

Peter Wood talks passionately about his role and day to day responsibilities as CEO at First Base Technologies. 

Managing Director of Security and Privacy

  • Name: Ryan Rubin
  • Company: Protiviti

Ryan Rubin talks about about his role and responsibilities as Managing Director of Security and Privacy at Protiviti

Security Consulting and Systems Integration Leader

  • Name: Simon Gibbons
  • Company: IBM

Simon Gibbons gives us an overview of the responsibilities involved in his role at IBM


  • Name: Paul Simmonds
  • Company: Global Identity Foundation

Paul Simmonds talks about his current role as CEO at Global Identity Foundation and his past experience as a CISO


  • Name: Roy Hills
  • Company: NTA Monitor

Roy Hills, Owner & Director of NTA Monitor Ltd talks about his career


  • Name: Geoff Jones
  • Company: Cyberis

A day in the working life of Geoff Jones, Director, Cyberis


  • Name: Rowland Johnson
  • Company: Nettitude

Rowland Johnson, CEO, Nettitude talks about his typical working day and gives advice to people who want a career in the information security industry