Day in the life

Head of Product Management

  • Name: Piers Wilson
  • Company: Tier-3 Huntsman

Piers Wilson talks about his role and responsibilities as Head of Product Management at Tier-3 Huntsman.


  • Name: Ian Whiting
  • Company: Titania

Ian Whiting, CEO, Titania talks about a typical day in his working life and gives his advice on a career in Information Security


  • Name: Richard Mayall
  • Company: Acuity Risk Management

Richard Mayall, Partner at GRC software vendor Acuity Risk Management talks about his role at Acuity and provides advice for people who would like to join the industry.


  • Name: Neil Hare-Brown
  • Company: Blackthorn Technogies

Neil Hare-Brown, CEO, Blackthorn Technogies, talks about a typical working day and provides advice to people looking for a career in digital forensics