Inspired Careers has been developed with the support of BIS (Department of Business Innovation & Skills) and CREST, the not-for-profit body that represents the technical information security industry.

It is an interactive careers hub for people looking to enter the Cyber Security industry straight from education; those who want to move into Cyber Security from other industries; or those already working within the industry who want to further their careers. Its main aim is to encourage people into the industry and make them aware of all of the different roles open to them, giving access to the information they need – in a clear and manageable way – to make informed decisions.

Inspired Careers brings together information on the wide range of careers available in the industry and helps people to choose not only what they want to do now, but also to plan out their own career path. Alongside actual job and internship ads, relevant professional and academic courses, articles, whitepapers and social media advice,  one of the key areas of content for site are ‘Day in the Life’ films that show real people doing their job roles.


CREST and Inspired Careers are also supporting the National Crime Agency's campaign to discourage young people from becoming involved in cyber crime. The #CyberChoices campaign is aimed at educating the parents of 12-15 year old boys, whose children may be involved in hacking or other kinds of cyber crime without their parents’ knowledge. In addition to highlighting the type of illegal online activity children can become involved in, the campaign seeks to help parents and carers to spot signs of potential problems, understand what the consequences could be, and to emphasise better ways for young people to use their skills and interest in technology. For more information please go to: http://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/crime-threats/cyber-crime/cyber-crime-preventing-young-people-from-getting-involved